Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plano routing example

Plano's 70 mile trail network is quite extensive. The routes mostly follow power lines and creeks. If you combine the trails with suburban and subdivision streets and sidewalks we're easily talking a network of hundreds of miles.

The power line trails can be quite dystopian:

It's not all full of power lines, here's a pic from the Blue Bonnet Trail:

And here's Chisholm Trail:

You can pretty much get anywhere in Plano on a ebike without facing much if any traffic. The northernmost DART rail station is also in east Plano, and it's easy to get to DART from the trail. You can also easily get to Richardson from Plano from the trail network, and the trails in Richardson are your gateway into the trails of north Dallas. If you like to bicycle or e-bike, Plano is the place to be.

Here's an example e-bike route I took to the train station for a couple years while working at Ensemble Studios in north Dallas. It follows a few sidewalks, but it mostly uses low traffic subdivision streets and trails. It crosses over 75 on a bridge with pedestrian sidewalks. Once you're in east Plano it's trivial to route your way through the various large "parking lagoons" to the train station.

Once there I would park and lock up my ebike at the train station all day, and never had any trouble. (It helped that my ebike looked like an old beaten up mountain bike. It's very hard to even recognize it's an ebike unless you know what a hub motor looks like.)

If you look closely, I don't use the officially marked bicycling roads much. The routes I choose actually have less traffic in my experience.

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