Sunday, May 31, 2015

34 mile loop around McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco

Around 90% of this loop was on trails, the rest was on low traffic (usually official) bicycle routes or some sidewalks. I pedaled and usually limited my controller (using the software in CycleAnalyst 3) to either 250 or 550 max watts.

I did this with one 48V 15Ah Lipo pack, but I was weighed down with a backup 11.5Ah LiFePo4 pack. I took a detour to a section of the Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve in Plano, so the actual route was a few miles longer.  Some stats:

35.7 miles, 640 watt hours, 13.89 amp hours
17.9 watt hours per mile
Average speed: 10.5 mph
Highest speed: 23.2 mph

Here's the route on

Bray Central Dr in Allen:

At the beginning of the Watters Branch (Creek) Trail in Allen:

It's hard to see, but there's a waterfall here - it was pretty loud:

Underpasses suck after floods:

E-Lab Trail:

Watters Creek:

E-bike with 15Ah of Lipo, and 11.5Ah of LiFePo4 for backup:

Took a wrong turn - this trail can be confusing:

The loop at W McDermott Dr, near Watters Rd:

Privately stocked lake:

Cycle Analyst 3:

Lake and wind turbine, near Suncreek Park on Alma Dr:

Plano actually takes bicycling seriously enough to have separately marked routes:

On the Bluebonnet Trail in Plano:

I deviated to check out Oak Point Park, but eventually turned around once I saw how much mud got laid down on the trail after the prev. 2 week's flooding. Mud sucks, so I'll come back when it's dry.

Extreme underpass mud:

More of Bluebonnet Trail:

Now on the Preston Ridge Trail heading north back to Frisco/McKinney:

The benches are a nice touch to an otherwise bleak view:

I can't believe how civilized the trail amenities are in Plano. A place to wash and repair your bike!

Final pic, back in McKinney on the trail on the dam behind the Adriatica Bell Tower. I skipped taking pics on the way back because I covered this leg of the loop on a previous blog post.