Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yelm, WA summer pics

This isn't Dallas or ebiking related. I used to live in Yelm, WA, around 45 mins from Mt. Rainer. The famous Ramtha lives here. She has a local store named "JZ Rose" (pictured below).

The pacific northwest area is amazing in the summer. (Recruiting tip: Always bring in out of state candidates to interview in Seattle during the summer months!)

Here are some random pics I took recently.

Carnival in town:

Ramtha's store, JZ Rose:

Railroad grade Yelm to Tenino trail:

View of Mt. Rainer from Yelm in distance:

Yelm to Tenino trail:

My front lawn:

View of huge amounts of logging land in front of my property. Mt. Rainer is behind these trees:

My front yard:

View of house:

Parking on side of house:

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